How to speed up Ruby On Rails Software Development Projects?

Ruby on Rails Development or RoR is essentially a web application framework. It is based on one of the most popular programming languages amongst developers - Ruby. It is even true for the frameworks based on it. The Danish hacker, David Heinemeier Hansson created this programming language. It took place at Basecamp during the development of an online project collaboration tool.

Speed Up Software Development With Ruby On Rails

A specific set of guidelines are necessary for an RoR development company to maximize gains when teaming up with consulting agencies. In the case of Ruby on Rails, following guidelines are a must.

RoR GEMSAs highlighted before, GEMS are open-sourced versatile libraries for developers. These GEMS can be used readily in all sorts of projects. This library is best suited for implementing user registration, uploading images, or automating email distribution in an application. It benefits by preventing any of the tasks from beginning from scratch.

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Correct Database

Choosing the right database that is suitable for the application at hand is crucial. An RoR developer can either opt for relational or non-relational databases. Relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Percona, or MariaDB. Non-relational databases, namely MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, or Cassandra are also available to choose from.

Remember, every database has been created keeping a particular purpose in mind. For example, a database can be used to store users in the system. However, this may differ from the database used to store and process the chat messages of millions of users in real-time.

External API integration

Integration of an external API helps to save time, money, and effort for the development team. The RoR developers might otherwise have to write everything from scratch. In addition, this helps to focus better on issues that are of more importance at the moment.

For instance, the development team doesn't have to write about software for using Google Maps, converting currencies, or posting messages on Facebook. Instead, major companies today use API to carry out such tasks at minimal fees or completely free of cost.

Following Suitable RoR And Programming Patterns

Going along with the suitable programming patterns helps to maintain and develop software easily. Therefore, the principles of software development – DRY (Don't repeat yourself), KISS ( Keep it simple, stupid), and SOLID ( encompasses the five principles: single responsibility principle, open-closed principle, Liskov substitution principle, interface segregation principle, and dependency inversion principle) are to be known by heart.

Now make use of the right design patterns for fast RoR software development. Next, update the software and libraries as and when necessary. Finally, use functional database features like indexes, full-text search, views, or Postgis, if required at any point.

Continuous Delivery Tools

At the point of delivery, make use of automated tools. It speeds up the delivery process, making the process less burdensome for RoR developers.

To Sum Up!

There are undoubtedly many strong reasons why Ruby on rails development is a common choice for most developers. As an RoR web development company, keeping the guidelines in mind is essential for fast software development using Ruby on Rails. To make the most out of development projects, investors must hire Ruby on rails development services that suit most of their needs. In addition, the RoR services provider must understand a company's vision before planning and executing its functions.